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Monday, January 4, 2016

Kennedale Roofing Done Right

Our goal at kennedale roofing is to offer unparalleled knowledge, honest high quality workmanship and products. As a fully licensed and insured company, we stand behind our service with over 200 years of collective experience between our staff and specialized professionals.

We have a reputation for guaranteed support and ability, outstanding customer service and retention, relentless execution and a true understanding of customers needs. We routinely transform the everyday three-tab roof into a dimensional covering, you call home.
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We offer

  • A full line of Roofing Materials from standard 3 tab, Architectural , and Flat Roof applications.
  • A full line of top quality siding with an array of colors to choose from. Say goodbye to outdoor painting.
  • Blown insulation, or rolled. Let us bring your home to proper "R" Value. Don't allow your warm air to escape.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Keller Roof Repair

Looking for a Roofing Companies In Fort Worth?
Looking for a roofing company in Keller?

Roofers in Fort Worth and roofers in keller

Roof Repair Fort Worth and roor repair in Keller

Roofing Contractors Fort Worth TX, and roofing contractors in Keller TX

Choose DFW Best Roofing as your Fort Worth Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractors in Fort Worth

Because you have a roof leak in Fort Worth TX or Keller TX, you want quality repair, quick response, and reasonable rates. We offer affordable solutions with Quality.

Call for a complete Roof evaluation on fixing your roof leak — Fort Worth TX trusts our hometown service, call (817) 381 6855 now for a complete roof evaluation

If you know you have a leak, call now, to head off further damage. Call immediately for a professional inspection if you suspect something. If you or your maintenance people have been up on a flat or low-slope roof and have seen cracks and puddles, call today.

Here are the proven solutions we can offer to resolve your roof leak in Fort Worth TX


You have made the best choice to repair a roof leak Choosing DFW Best Roofing when looking for Roofing Companies In Fort Worth

We don’t “plug leaks”; we solve problems. There is a difference between a qualified patch and a stop-gap repair. The difference is that you will know water won’t get in any more. You will know that structural issues have been addressed. You will know the workmanship is first-rate.

Many people think that once a roofing inspector discovers a problem, the next step has to be an entirely new roof. In fact, many a roof leak can be afford-ably fixed.

Fort Worth Roofing and Keller Roofing   Tips: Things to keep in mind about a roof leak in Fort Worth TX
Keep people from walking on the area. It may only be damaged further. Someone may hurt themselves. Leaks seldom show up directly below the problem area. It can be ten feet from the visible damage. Your problem may not involve the roofing material at all, but flashing around HVAC, plumbing vents, skylights and roof access hatches. The problem could be gutters or other drainage, of the HVAC itself. Count on expert diagnosis and full-service repair. We treat your home like we would treat are own.

Industry advice in the event you have a roof leak

The National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) warns against immediately accepting the lowest bid, and also to be wary of a bid that is markedly different from the other(s) you receive. We proudly adhere to the high standards of the NRCA and the Texas Roofing Contractor Association (RCAT).

Choose DFW Best  Roofing Fort Worth TX as your Fort Worth Roofing Company

Call (817) 381 6855 for a complete roof evaluation for solving your roof leak in Fort Worth TX. You’ve found a specialist to handle immediate problems and to head off future water damage

New roof construction, roofing repair, roofing replacement, roof leak repair, roof installation – DFW Best Roofing Dallas Fort Worth Roofing has all of your residential professional roofing needs covered.

Call US Today for A Free Estimate. (817) 381 6855. We ready to be your go to contracting company.

 When looking for Roofing Companies in Fort Worth choose DFW Best Roofing

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DFW Best Roofing: Texas Has The Best Roofers

We have some of the best roofers in the state according to DFW Best Roofing.  We may be biased but when you can have two employees take a group of high school kids and teach them all about roofing and have a great time while doing so it is nothing short of rewarding! We had the pleasure of helping the kids in our intership Construction Program put roofs on the baseball dugouts they engineered and constructed. It was a treat to be able to talk to these kids about safety and the means and methods needed to complete a roofing project, watching them walk through the various steps from drying the roof to installation of the rubber membrane and then the detail work of installing the metal was a great experience. It was also neat to stand back and watch them admire their work and talk about how when they attend baseball games at their school they will be able to say “hey I built that”. It’s great to have young people interested in using their hands to learn a trade that may one day provide a living for their families. Again thank you to our great employees for their patience, sharing of their knowledge and showing the students how hardworking professionals do it.